Download/Installation Instructions

Use this method if you want to store downloaded files on your machine or you want to create your own installation CD.


Step 1

Create a downloads directory on your machine i.e. C:\Downloads

Step 2

Download all files you have interest in (i.e. ComComp.EXE, T1Full07.EXE, T2full08.EXE, etc). You do not need the Common Components if you are already running successfully any VisualTax program, production or demo.

Step 3

After downloading, double click on each downloaded file (ComComp.exe, T1Full07.exe, etc. ) and follow instructions on the screens.

If you have difficulties installing (unzipping) the downloaded files click here


Step 1 - Create a downloads directory on your machine

Run your Windows Explorer: Just right click on your Windows Start button and select Explore. Using your Windows Explorer (Click File | New | Folder) and create a folder (directory) such as C:\DOWNLOADS on your machine.

That is the place where you should save all the files you download (see step 2).

Note: Any folder can be used for the above purpose. It does not have to be C:\Downloads

Step 2 - Download a file(s)

Run your Internet Explorer and visit the VisualTax web page (Downloads or Demos).

To download a file from our web pages (such as ComComp.EXE, T1Full07.EXE, T1Demo67.EXE, T2Full08.EXE, etc) you should double click on its name. Then select Save and the folder where is going to be saved. Select the folder you created in step 1 (C:\Downloads). The downloading process will last a few minutes. You can repeat the process for more files you need to download.

Note: In some installations you may need to right click on the file name and then select Save.

Step 3 - Installing/Applying a downloaded file

Your C:\Downloads directory should now have one or more downloaded files. These can be installed one at a time.

Locate a downloaded file on your C:\Downloads directory using your Windows Explorer.

Double click on the file you want to install. All VisualTax downloaded files are self-extracting zipped files and they will unzip or install when you double-click on them. The program will ask you to enter/confirm the directory (or folder) where you would like to install the file.

Running a program

You can run the program via the Run command of the Start button:

Just Enter


assuming T1-2007 is the directory where the T1 has been installed.

Use similar commands for T2, TF, T4 and FP programs.

Better yet you can use the generated icons (Click on Start | Programs | VisualTax). You can also create an icon as follows: Right Click on your Desktop screen and Select New | Short Cut. Then in the Command Line prompt you enter C:\T1-2007\T12007.exe (assuming C:\T1-2007 is the folder where you installed the T1 2007 program).

Important Note
Installing updates: When unzipping an update (i.e. T1UPDxxx) ensure that you unzip it into the directory where the original program has been installed.

Typical Production T1 scenario

If you need the production T1 for 2007 tax year you should use the 'Downloads' page:

1. If you never installed and used any of the VisualTax products in your machine you need to download and install the Common Components. Otherwise skip this step.

2. You can download the T1Full07.exe

The manual comes in PDF format. To be able to read/print the PDF format you need to have Acrobat Reader in your machine. You can get a free Acrobat reader published by Adobe, from

3. If there is an update available such as T1Updxxx.exe (see the 'Last update' column) then you download it also and unzip it into the directory where you installed the full T1 program.