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Jan 26, 2010: The T1-2009 was certified by CRA for EOL plus/EOL/Barcode

Jan 03, 2010: T1-2009 update is available for Download

Dec 28, 2009: T-Force 2009 is available for Download

Dec 21, 2009: Bulletin-2009-12-21

Jan 22, 2009: The VisualTax T2-2009 for joint Federal and Ontario Efiling (CIF) of 2009 year ends has been certified by CRA

Dec 16, 2008: The T1-2008 (Draft) with full calculations is available for Download.

Nov 1, 2008: The 2008/09 Order Form is available and the web site is being revised for the new season.

July 18, 2008: T1-2007 Update. The update includes Tax Rates for 2008 tax planning: Download

July 18, 2008: TF-2007 Update. The update includes 2008 Tax Rates for T3 2008 returns: Download

May 31, 2008: T2-2008 Update

The update will allow you to do T2 tax returns with year-ends up to Dec 31, 2008: Download

April 4, 2008 Bulletin: A few T1 'How to' items are listed in this Bulletin.

March 2, 2008: The Feb 24 update (T1UpdF24) was re-posted. Please read 'CCA and Automobiles'.

Feb 29, 2008: The production version of the TF -2007 (T3 Plus tax forms) is available for download.

Feb 1, 2008: Certified by CRA for Efile On-line, Efile on-line Plus and Barcoded paper filing.

Dec 28, 2007: T4-2007 available for download.

Dec 20, 2007: T1-2007 available for download. Also T2-2007 and TF-2006 updates are available for download.

July 31, 2007: T1-2007 Tax Planner and Pension Splitting Optimization Update

Feb. 28, 2007: The TF-2006 is available for download. Click here

Feb. 15, 2007 - BULLETIN: T1-2006 update and T2 GRIP/LRIP/Part III.1 tax Click here

Feb. 4, 2007 - BULLETIN: Season starting news and a faster way to get updates Click here

Feb. 2, 2007: The T2-2007 production version is available for download. Click here.

Jan. 31, 2007: The T1-2006 production version is available for download. Click here.

Jan. 22, 2007: The VisualTax T1-2006 has been certified by CRA for EFile-On-Line Plus. Click here

Dec. 15, 2006: T1-2006 pre-production version posted with full implementation of budget proposals. Click here to download

Nov 2, 2006: Budget Announcements: Lots of them!...Click here

Nov 1, 2006: The Order Form/Price list for the 2006/07 season is available for use...

Oct 30, 2006: The VisualTax T2-2006 was certified by CRA for T2 Bar Code filing. T2 program update will be released soon. more on T2 Bar Code

May 31, 2006: T2-2006 production is available for download.

Jan. 31, 2006: T1-2005 full production available for download.

Jan. 20, 2006: The VisualTax T1-2005 has been certified by CRA for EFile-On-Line Plus. It includes Harmonized CAIS. A T1-2005 update will be posted on the Downloads page on Jan. 22.

Dec 26, 2005: The TR-2005 (Tax Research) is available for download

Dec 23, 2005: The TForce-2005 is available for download

Dec 15, 2005: A T1-2005 pre-production version is available for download.

Dec 12, 2005: A T2-2005 update is available for download.

Nov 18, 2005: Harmonized CAIS,

Oct 22, 2005: The 2005/2006 Order form is released, and also our October news bulletin. A free T1-2004 demo will be available via the Demos page as of Nov 1, 2005.

June 19, 2005: T2-2005 major update available for Download.

Feb 27, 2005: TF-2004 program is available for Download.

Feb 05, 2005: The full T2-2005 is available for Download. Keys are being Emailed. Click for Release Notes

Feb 01, 2005: The full FP-2005 is available for Download

Jan 28, 2005: The full T1-2004 and TR-2004 production versions are available for Download

Jan 18, 2005: T-Force program: T4 Internet filing, Magnetic media filing (XML) and T5 printing on plain paper. Download.

Jan. 17, 2005: The VisualTax T1-2004 has been certified by CCRA for EFile-On-Line-Plus.

Jan. 10, 2005: The VisualTax T1-2004 has been certified by CRA for EFile-On-Line.

News prior to the above dates: News Archives

Dec 30, 2004: T1 and TR update. Download.

Dec 29, 2004: New on-line service by CRA for OAS/CPP slips. Click:

Dec 15, 2004: The pre-production version of T1-2004 is available for download plus important update of T2-2004 Download..

October 20, 2004:

- The new Order Form for 2004-2005 has been posted.

- The last T1-2003 update (August 30) has been posted incorporating the latest tax rates for 2004 planning purposes. Please download it for your records.

- Started revisions to the web site for the new season.

August 20, 2004: TF-2003: Tax rate changes for T3 2004 year ends and additions, revisions to Charity returns. Download update.

June 6, 2004: T2-2004 major update of June 1 is available.

Review Release Notes and/or Download update.

June 3, 2004: CRA has changed a few T1 NAICS codes. See FAQ on how you can activate new codes.

May 10, 2004: Minor T2 update to allow Corporate Internet Filing without a WAC number. Download update

April 17, 2004: T1 Efile error 72: It appears that today there is an error in CCRA's EFile system matching Cities with Postal codes. Try to resubmit tomorrow.

April 6, 2004: A T1-2003 update has been posted with some CAIS codes revisions released by CRA on April 2, 2004, plus some other improvements. Download update

March 26, 2004: A T1-2003 update has been posted with new CTB/GSTC rates, new CAIS codes as revised by CCRA on March 23 and other new features, such as link to Web based CICA line-by-line research material.

Feb 23, 2004: The production TF-2003 has been released. Also some minor changes to T1-2003 and T4 Internet filing. Download

Jan. 31, 2004: The production T2-2004 has been released as well as manuals for T1 and T2. Download

Jan. 26, 2004: The production T1-2003 has been released. Download

Jan. 23, 2004: T1-2003 approved by CCRA for paper filing

Jan. 21, 2004: Extended the expiry date of the T1Prelim03. Click to download the update. Also see what's new

Jan 21, 2004: A fresh T2Demo03 has been posted as we are now moving to 2004.

Jan. 20, 2004: VisualTax T1-2003 has been certified by CCRA for EFile-On-Line.

Jan. 16, 2004: VisualTax T1-2003 has been certified by CCRA for EFile-On-Line-Plus.

Dec 30, 2003: The last update for T2-2003 has been posted, before we issue the T2-2004 version. Click to download

Dec 27, 2003: The T4-2003 is available for download

Dec 23, 2003: A VisualTax user-to-user Forum has been started. Please register.

Dec 23, 2003: T2 Schedules S80/S81 (Industry Canada return) have been discontinued from the T2 software. Please file via

Dec 22, 2003: T2-2003 update for download

Dec 15, 2003: The T1-2003 pre-production version is available for download or Demo

Dec 7, 2003: FP demo is available for download

Dec 4, 2003: Tax Shelter Donation schemes and risks. Click here

Dec 4, 2003: Ontario tax changes...Click here

Oct 23, 2003: Meals expense deduction for transport employees increased. Click for News Release. Also see other CCRA news

Oct 20, 2003: Posted the 2003 Price/Order form and simplified the installation procedure of the Demos. Started revisions of this Web site for the new tax season.

Oct 20, 2003: Microsophic Inc. is teaming up with CICA to link VisualTax software to CICA tax research material.

Oct 10, 2003: Demos for the 2002 tax season posted and they can be downloaded.

June 25, 2003: T1-2002 update (T1UpdJ25) and TF-2002 update (TFUPDJ25) include all 2003 tax rates for T1 tax planning and T3 2003 year end purposes. Click to review the 2003 tax rates and update notes

June 20, 2003: Major T2-2003 update is available for download. Click for Release Notes

June 20, 2003: You can view your Personal Tax Information, CCTB and GT/HST credits on-line by using a new service just started by CCRA. The service is called 'My Account' Click here

April 17, 2003: T2-2003 users please read this bulletin

March 30/31, 2003: T1-2002 update contains some minor refinements over the March 12 update. Download Also visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Feb 23, 2003: T3-2002, T2-2003 and FP-2002 available for download

Feb 22-23, 2003: A rather major capacity upgrade of our web servers is scheduled starting Feb 22nd 8am EST to Sunday February 23rd 9am EST. You may experience difficulties in downloads or other web services.

Feb 12, 2003: Minor T1-2002 update against the Feb 1, 2003 release. Click here

Jan 27, 2003: T1-2002 update for Paper, EFLE, EFILE On-line and EFILE On-line Plus filing purposes is available. Click here

Jan 22/23, 2003: VisualTax T1-2002 has been certified by CCRA for EFILE, EFILE On-Line and EFILE On-line PLUS. We will post a 'Filing' T1 update on this site in the middle of next week.

Jan 13, 2003: VisualTax T1-2002 paper filing has been certified by CCRA. Expecting Efile, Efile On-line and Efile On-line Plus CCRA certification between Jan 20 to Jan 25, 2003.

Jan 12, 2003: Single packages (T1, T2) can be purchased on-line (see Prices/Order page). Anything else needs the Mail Order form.

Dec 31, 2002: Last update of T2-2002 program in the Downloads page.

Dec 26, 2002: Production (filing) version of T4-2002 has been posted in the Downloads page.

Dec 16, 2002: Pre-production versions of T1-2002 and T4-2002 have been posted in the Downloads page.

Nov 29, 2002: VisualTax has been approved by CCRA for proprietary SEND. Our first release of the T1-2002 is expected Dec. 15, 2002

Oct 31, 2002: New Order Form for the 2002/2003 tax season is now available. Fresh demos with new features and conversions have been posted in the demos page for T1-2001 and T2-2002.

Oct. 16, 2002: VisualTax T2 is ready for Corporation Internet Filing. CCRA approved and ready for your download...

Aug 21, 2002: Great News! CCRA will introduce new EFile services and VisualTax will fully support all of them:

T1 batch filing over the Internet ('EFILE On-Line Plus') for the 2002 T1 tax season. This means EFile Online for more than one return at a time. Read more...

Corporate Internet Filing for 2002 year ends.

T4 slips Internet filing: More...

Aug 26, 2002: Implemented the Alb. Bill 25, the Ontario D-File for 2002 and conversion from other T2 programs.

July 17, 2002: The Ont. MOF is disallowing the tax reduction on Trust returns with year end of 2002. The last TF Update contains this change.

May 15, 2002: The last updates of T1-2001 and TF-2001 include the tax rates for year 2002 based on Federal and Provincial budgets up to April 30, 2002.

Mar 1, 2002: Full TF-2001 (T3 and TaxForms) full program available for download

Feb 3, 2002: Full T2-2002 version for download

Jan 30, 2002: Full T1-2001 production version for download

Jan 25/26, 2002: CCRA now allows filing of T4/T4 Summaries on blank laser sheets. If you cannot get the CCRA forms, download the T-Force update

Jan 18, 2002: VisualTax T1-2001 has been approved foe Efile On-line by CCRA, on Jan 18, 2002. The Jan 18 version can be used for production Efile or Efile On-line. Efile On-line is very improved this year and approaches normal EFile efficiency. See what also CCRA says...

Jan 17, 2002: VisualTax T1-2001 has been approved for Efile by CCRA, on Jan 17, 2002.

Jan 10, 2002: Received CT23 D-File certification for VisualTax-T2 from Ontario Ministry of Finance.

Jan 7, 2002: T-Force 2001: Update includes CCRA approved T4/T4A/T5 magnetic filing. It came after CD distribution. Click on Downloads.

Dec 31, 2001: Last update of the T2-2001. Please download it, unzip it into your T2-2001 directory and file it with your T2-2001 CD.

Dec 26, 2001: The T-Force- 2001 program (T4/T4A/T5) is available for download by registered users only.

Dec 16, 2001: Preliminary T1-2001 with SEND for discounters.