Go Green, Go Paperless

As we move more into a paperless processing, we have introduced vtScan and a 'Client Documents' folder where you can store the printed tax return in PDF format or scan client documents into it, such as T4 slips or other correspondence/documents related to your clients.

To this effect the following have been implemented in 2009 and beyond:

a. vtScan: This new facility has been introduced to allow you to scan client documents and attach them to the tax return. VtScan is fully integrated with the T1 program so the scanning process of one or multiple documents can be done practically with one keystroke. The program is automatically taking care of the ClientDocs folder where documents are scanned into and provides facilities to view the documents on-line by document category.

b. ClientDocs: Facility to set up a 'Client Documents' folder. The Client Documents folder should not be confused with the Current Data Directory/Default Data Directory. These folders contain the raw data of the tax returns and most offices use it as a central place to store all returns for the year.

c. Save a tax return in PDF format: The return by default will be saved in the Client Documents folder of a specific client. The program automatically sets up a distinct folder for each client and tax year based on the ClientDocs folder. Storing the PDF version of the tax return can be requested upon completion of the return, so a final printout is saved in PDF format, instead of keeping a full hard copy.

d. Scan/Review/list/show the Client Documents while the tax return is being prepared.


VtScan for T1 and T2

The vtScan option is purchased separately by T1 users or T2 Users, there is no separate download program. vtScan key(s) will be provided to activate its functionality.

Key features

  • Scan multiple pages, discard blank pages, straighten crooked pages.
  • Categorize documents into categories such as T4 slips, T5 slips, etc.
  • Combine similar documents into a single PDF file or store them individually
  • Scan or view pre-scanned documents while working on a tax return
  • Easy to use and Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) Compatible

Note: You cannot automatically bring the data from a scanned document such as T5 slips into the program. The technology to do that (OCR) is not accurate enough to rely upon it, especially with layouts and size of fonts used in some of CRA's slips. We will be monitoring progress in this area and adjust accordingly.

Scan one or more documents

Show Documents


Windows 7, 8, 10 and compatibles

Twain compliant scanner (To our knowledge all scanners today are Twain compliant)