Alternative installation (unzipping)

Some users have reported difficulties in installing (unzipping) the downloaded installation files (i.e. when double clicking on a downloaded file nothing happens)

  1. Disable any Anti-virus program you may be running
  2. Right click on the downloaded file i.e. T1Full04.exe instead of double clicking on it.
  3. Click on the 'Extract to' item of the pop-up list*
  4. In the 'Extract to' box enter C:\Temp and then click the Extract button then close the window.
  5. use Start | Run and enter C:\Temp\SetUp.EXE -or- use the Explorer and find C:\Temp and double click on the SetUp.EXE

* If the pop-up does not display an 'Extract to' item then you need to download and install WINZIP from