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Select products by checking the box before the price.

If you are purchasing the T1 Power or T1 Multi-office, select the products from the Bundle Packages section to get the discounted prices.


Complete fully the Contacts section.


Select the Payment Method and click the 'Continue' button. You will see the 'VisualTax Purchase Confimation'.

Right Click and select Print to get the one page Purchase Info for your records.

Click 'Submit' or 'Buy now' to finalize the Order.



Make Cheque payable to Microsophic Inc: Mail the printed Purchase Confirmation and your cheque to: Microsophic Inc., 14-5225 Orbitor Drive, Mississauga, ON, L4W 4Y8


Connect to your Bank Account and submit e-transfer payment. Email to use: and Company: Microsophic Inc.

Ensure you use the Security Answer that shows on the Purchase Confirmation.

Credit Card via Paypal

The program will connect you to Paypal once you click the ''Buy now' in the 'Purchase Confirmation' page. Paypal will prompt you for information such as Credit Card information Or Account.

Payment Confirmation

If you submitted payment via e-Transfer, your bank will send you and VisualTax a confirmation of your payment.

If you submitted payment via Credit Card, Paypal will send VisualTax a confirmation of your payment.

Once payment is confirmed, Visualtax will Email you the keys and the Receipt of your payment.