Production Program Downloads

Managing Firewall Issues


Firewalls and other antivirus progams protect your machine from malicious websites and programs that may compromise the security, privacy and integrity of your computer. Most work fine but others create unecessary problems with false alarms, etc. Try to manage them

1. Close/ Exit any tax program running during Download and Install. Otherwise, you may get a failure message 'Output cannot be created'.

2. Depending on firewall(s) used you may get messages such as it may harm your computer or other rejection messages. You must try to use options given such as clicking buttons called actions, more, etc and select the one that allows you to proceed with the installation

3. Your best option is to use the exclusion list of your Firewall which tells your Firewall to trust the following programs and folders the way you do: Find about Exclusion List by calling your Firewall/Antivirus vendor or check the firewall help material, or get help from your computer technician.

Add to its exclusion list the programs and folders you trust:

Installation Folders where you install programs such as: C:/VT-2022, C:/VT-2020, C:/VT-2019, C:/vtClient21, etc.

Downloadable tax modules EXE files such as: vt2022setupfull.EXE, vt2020taxmodulesupdate

Virtual Office modules vtSignPdfSetUp.EXE, vtCourierSetUp.EXE, vtClientSetUp.EXE, etc

4. Click any of the links below (such as VT-2022 Download) to download and install the program and select Open, Run or Save depending on the browser you use.

Norton Antivirus:

During installation it may show the message such as
...cannot replace an existing clientletter.rtf... or other RTF file...
Solution: Turn off temporarily the Data Protector feature of Norton Antivirus: Open up your Norton Antivirus/Firewall program, click Settings then Antivirus then Data Protector and turn off the Data Protector for a few minutes to allow installation of the program.

*** The full programs VT-2020, VT-2019, VT-2018, VT-T2017, VT-2016 must be re-downloaded ONCE on or after July 4 2021, 11 AM EDT (as you need them)***

Otherwise you will get an error: There is no Internet connection to the web site. A re-download will not affect your tax data or other settings on your machine.

VT-2022 Multi-App / Multi-Year Program


VT-2022 Download

The VT-2022 currently contains the Production versions of T1-2022, T2-2023, T4T5-2022, T3-2022 tax module and the production version of TF-2022 for T3010, T5018, NR4, and T106.
NOTES: You will not be able to enter all the program keys you received until the corresponding tax modules have been released.

Installation: Some Firewalls and Antivirus programs protecting your machine react unfavorably to new and freshly released programs and may give you problems during download or installation. Remedies: Click the VT-2022 item on the Downloads page and once downloaded find it in the downloads folder. Double click it and it should install if you choose the right options during installation. If it does not, right click it and select Run as an Administrator or select Troubleshoot Compatibility and proceed with Test Compatibility or add it to your firewall exclusion list as a user trusted program, as described on the top of this page..

Client Letters (up to date for 2022) You can download them from this link. They are not part of our T1 Updates,as many users use their own version of the letters and we do not want to replace them via an update. Once downloaded, find the clientletters.exe on your downloads folder and double click. It will install in your T1 program folder ready for use

T1-2022 Client letters

T1-2022 GUIDES Download You can download about 40 CRA T1 related guides. After Download click Help -> Other Guides for fast and easy access to the Guides

VT-2021 Multi-App / Multi-Year Program


VT-2021 Download

Includes: T1-2021 (Filing version), T2-2022 (Filing version), T3-2021 (Filing version) TF-2021 (Filing version) and T4T5-2021 (Filing version). After installation please read the What's New item under the Help tab of each tax module.

T1-2021 Client letters (Revised for Climate Action Incentive as of 2022-02-24) Norton Antivirus may not like the Client letters RTF files. Solution: see instructions about Norton on the previous page.


VT-2020 Multi-App / Multi-Year Program


VT-2020 Download

T1-2020 GUIDES Download You can download about 40 CRA T1 related guides. After Download click Help -> Other Guides for fast and easy access to the Guides


Virtual Office Modules

To be used by Virtual Clients of the Virtual Office Tower (Tax Payers)


vtSignPDF Download

Utility that allows Tax Payers to sign pdf files (i.e. T183) with their e-signature



vtCourier Download

Utility that allows Tax payers to exchange encrypted files and emails with their Tax Preparers



vtClient2021 Download

Utility for Tax payers to use the Virtual Office Tower facilities (Hold Virtual meetings for tax review, Use the vtScan, etc)


VT-2019 Multi-App / Multi-Year Program


VT-2019 Download

The VT-2019 currently includes the CRA approved production T1-2019, and production T2-2020, T3-2019, T4T5-2019, TR-2019 and TF-2010 (for T5018 and NR4 filing). Other products will be added as per Products -> Release Dates

Supplementary Downloads


VT-2018 Multi-App / Multi-Year Program


VT-2018 Download

The current VT-2018 contains:

- T1-2018 (Production version)

- T2-2019 (Production version)

- T3-2018 (Production version)

- T4T5-2018 (Production version)

- TF-2018 (Production version)

- FP-2019 (Production version)

- TR-2018 (When running the program click Help -> TR Load)

T1-2018 GUIDES Download You can download about 40 CRA T1 related guides. After Download click Help -> Other Guides for fast and easy access to the guides


VT-2017 Multi-App / Multi-Year Program


VT-2017 Download

The VT-2017 contains:

- T1-2017 (Production version)

- T2-2018 (Production version)

- T3-2017 (Production version)

- T4T5-2017 (Production version)

- TF-2017 (Production version)

- FP-2018 (Production version)

- TR-2017 (When running the program click Help -> TR Load)

T1-2017 GUIDES Download You can download 40 CRA T1 related guides. After Download click Help -> Other Guides for fast and easy access to the guides


VT-2016 Multi-App / Multi-Year Program


VT-2016 Download

This program includes T1-2016, T2-2017, VtScan , and TF-2016. The VT-2016 program replaced the interim VT-2015 program issued in the summer.

See Redesign/Release Notes

For other Expected Release Dates click here Expected


Miscellaneous Vt Downloads


Download several CRA Guides for quick reference

VT-2015 Multi-App / Multi-Year Program


First Redesigned VisualTax composite program issued July 2016

VT-2015 Download

The VT-2015 was an Interim solution primarily for T2-2016 year ends after May 31, 2016. Any data folders created by the VT-2015 program can now be accessed by the latest VT-2016 program described above.

Included: T1-2015, T2-2016, TF-2015, FP-2016


Prior Year Programs

COMMON COMPONENTS: ComComp.exe Needed by all programs prior to 2016








T1full09 | T1full08 | T1full07 | T1full06 | T1full05 | T1full04 | T1full03 | T1full02



t2full16.exe and the Update: T2Updf22.exe Good only up to May 31, 2016, then use VT-2016. The T2Full16 should also be used for fiscal periods starting in 2014 and ending in 2015









TfFull15.exe and update: TfUpdm07.exe


TfFull13.exe and the update TfUpdj25.exe


Tffull11.exe and the update TfUpda16.exe

Tffull10.exe and the update TfUpda10.exe

TFfull09 | TFfull08 | TFfull07



T4full16.exe and the udate: T4UpdD29.exe

T4full15.exe and update: T4Updj28.exe


T4Full13.exe and the update T4Updj28

T4Full12.exe  and the update T4Updf14

T4Full11.exe and the Update T4Updj12.exe

T4Full10 | T4Full09 | T4Full08 | T4full07





Downloading and Installation

Method 1

Click on a file to download (ComComp.EXE, T1Full07, TRFull07, T2FULL08, etc.) and select 'Open'. This will download the file in a temporary folder and allow you to install it (SetUp).

Method 2

If you want to keep a copy of the downloaded file click here. If you use this method you can create your own installation CD

Problems Installing After Successful Downloading? Click Here...

Running the program after successful download and setup

Icons will be automatically generated via the Set up process described above. You can find the icons by clicking the Start button then All Programs, then by locating the VisualTax folder. The executable programs (after installation) have names in the pattern of T12007.EXE, T22008.EXE, TF2007.EXE, and T42007.EXE and they will be located in the default folders of C:\T1-2007, C:\T2-2008, C:\TF-2007, C:\T4-2007, C:\FP-2008 respectively.

Please note that there is no icon created with the installation of the common components.

Click on the icon such as T12007 and the program will load. The first time it will ask you for an 'Authorization Key'. Enter the key you received via EMail.

To find the icon created, click on Start, then Click on Programs then click on VisualTax. You can copy the icon to your desktop if that is what you prefer (drag it with your mouse).

Installing from another machine

If you have prior years programs in an old machine and you are installing on a new machine:

It would be faster if you just copy the full program folder from your old machine to the new machine, using a flash drive or your network. For example to install the T1-2006: Copy folder C:\T1-2006 from the old machine to the new machine. This brings over the configuration items and also the data, provided the data folder was a subfolder of the program folder i.e. C:\T1-2006\data. However you must install the ComComp.exe (common Components) from this page. See above.

CREATING AN ICON: In addition you should create the Icon for launching the program: Right click on the desktop and select New-> Shortcut and enter for example C:\T1-2006\t12006.exe

If you want to copy the icon from your desktop to the start -> All Programs -VisualTax do the following:

a. Right click on the desktop icon and click Edit -> Copy

b. Click on Start -> All programs and scroll until you see VisualTax. Then right click VisualTax and click Edit->Paste

The alternative way is to click the programs below and do a full installation and configuration.