T4/T4A/T5 Slips and Summaries

Filing Options

  • All slips and Summaries are fully generated on your laser printer
  • Efiling of slips and Summaries is available on the Power version of this tax module.

Audits and Operational

  • T4 CPP/EI validations
  • SIN verification
  • Ability to enter temporarily 'invalid" SIN numbers
  • Transferring of adjustments to tax per individual slip
  • On-line review of balancing T4's and T4A slips
  • Unlimited number of Employers/Payers
  • Unlimited number of slips
  • Rollover basic slip data from the previous year.
  • Mailing Labels
  • All reports (Employer listings, Audit Listings, Adjustment Listings, Slips, Form Summaries, , etc.) are sorted by name for easy reference and distribution.
  • Single or multi-user in a network environment

System requirements

MS Windows: Win 7,8,10 or compatible