The VisualTax™ T1 is offered in 4 different versions as listed below.
For a comparison of features among the various versions please consult the T1 Feature Comparison Matrix


T1 Limited Recommended for starters with up to 50 tax returns
T1 Standard Recommended for offices that prepare up to a few hundred tax returns but they can do without the administration and productivity facilities of the Power version
T1 Power The most powerful general purpose version of the T1 program. Recommended for established tax offices preparing hundreds or thousands of tax returns. Recommended for anybody who also buys the T2 program (due to discounts of bundled prices).
T1 Multi-office Special features for centrally controlled franchise offices.


Filing Options Efile On-line and Efile On-line Plus, SEND
Paper returns
'Efile On-line' allows CRA approved tax professionals to file tax returns via the Internet one return at a time.
'Efile On-line Plus ' allows CRA approved tax professionals to file tax returns via the Internet in Batch mode.
Types of returns and forms Multiple jurisdictions, Non-resident returns, NR-Section 216, NR-Section 217, Bankruptcy returns, Deceased taxpayers, Discounted returns.
All provinces except Quebec.
Family returns with unlimited members
All forms including Foreign tax credits, Investment tax credits, CAIS Farming, etc.
Administrative Invoicing
Daily revenue reports
Client letters, Promotional Client Letters with the Build-in word processor, Client Mail merge facilities
Client Data Base analysis tools, queries and client statistics
Remote Office Consolidation
Audit tools, Optimizations, and Operational Active and constantly alert Audit Wizards to guide you prepare error-free returns
Optimization of Donations, Losses, Medical and Family returns
Discounter options, Multi-user, family processing, Batch printing, Tax planner, Unlimited self-employment statements, slips and other forms Three year Comparative tax summary
Seamless link to Visual FP family of products
Visual Super Verification (What you reported this year vs last year)
Visual Super Entry (You will not type some words again, this or the subsequent tax years)
Forms Supported Forms Supported screen shot
Other VisualTax™ screen shots
System requirements MS Windows: Win 7,8,10, or compatible. Recommended minimum: 2 GB RAM, 2.5 GHz, 4 Meg Laser

Additional details

Unlimited Capacity

  • Unlimited number of concurrently processed returns (family members or unrelated)
  • Unlimited forms/schedules concurrently displayed (same or different returns)
  • Unlimited number of all types of slips (T3,T4,T5, etc.)
  • Unlimited number of Self Empl. Statements (Business, Professional, Commission, Farming, Fishing)
  • Unlimited number of Rental Statements
  • Multiple number of countries for Foreign Tax Credits
  • Unlimited number of user defined Notepads
  • All types of returns: (Non Resident, Bankruptcy, Deceased, Multiple jurisdictions)
  • Unlimited Client data directories

Other features

  • Export to Excel and user creation of custom reports
  • Automatic notification if there is a program update (upon opening the program).
  • Customizable client covering letter
  • Fee Structure for invoice preparation
  • Audit trail of the date/time the return has progressed through several stages of preparation.
  • Preparer textual notes and practical status indicators such as ‘Missing data’, ‘Ready to print, ‘EFile rejected’, etc..
  • Tax Planner. A single keystroke instantly recalculates with next year’s rates
  • Multi-year comparison of each tax return
  • Client handout with additional information required
  • Client Letters with your own Logo
  • Several methods of Invoice costing (Manual, Forms based, Time Based, Complexity based)
  • Flow-through taxation
  • Adjusted Cost base worksheets
  • Investment Portfolio manager
  • Unlimited Private NotePads
  • Letters Data Base of your own design and Mail Merge
  • Client Data analyser
  • Reviewer Notes/Remarks for each return
  • Multiple print sets: Preparer defines what forms are printed for Client vs Revenue Canada, vs preparer’s Copy, vs other purposes (6 sets)

Safe error trapping and diagnostics

  • Five Audit Wizards automatically detect any real or potential errors during return preparation
  • Error trapping at data entry
  • Summary of outstanding errors before Printing/Saving/Efiling
  • Single mouse click locates the form and field in error

‘True Windows’ Design

  • Designed from scratch as a windows program
  • Intuitive visual components for easy operation
  • Full use of the memory capacity of your hardware and the windows environment
  • It co-exists with no conflicts and blends perfectly with any other windows application in your system

Intuitive, easy to use interface

  • Multiple returns in memory
  • Returns differentiated by different colors automatically
  • Choose your own color for each loaded return with a single mouse click
  • Single mouse click switches from one return to the spouse or any unrelated return
  • Single mouse click switches from one form to the next
  • Single mouse click locates the source form of a calculated field
  • Comparative summary (current with previous years)
  • Summaries of all multiple occurrence forms and statements; i.e. Bus. Statements summary, Rental Summary, etc.
  • All functions accessible from a single desktop window
  • Customizable desktop to optimize space for tax data entry
  • On-line context sensitive help

Speedy data entry

  • Predictive entry such as names of financial institutions in T5, T3, Schedule 4
  • Shared slips and statements are entered only once
  • Automatic allocation of shared slips to each spouse
  • Automatic allocation of self-employment income and expenses to spouses or partners
  • Automatic allocation of home expenses to several self-employment statements
  • Automatic allocation of rental income to spouses or partners
  • Spousal coupling or family processing with optimization
  • Data Continuity (Carry forward and Installment calculations)
  • Memo attachments, overflow schedules and itemized lists
  • NAICS codes for automatic entry
  • Copy data among forms
  • Currency conversion for foreign income
  • Reviewer Notes for each return

Blazing Speed

  • Instantaneous display of tax liability after each keystroke

True images of CRA forms in display and print

  • Exact and easy to read replicas of Revenue Canada forms, with all necessary fonts
  • What you see what you get operation (WYSWYG)

Effortless "what if"

  • Key tax data (Income, deductions, balance, etc.) constantly displayed on the screen after each keystroke
  • Any change instantly reflected on this tax window

Single mouse click operation

  • Most functions accessible with a single mouse click on intuitive program icons


  • Exact replicas of all CRA forms, with all necessary fonts
  • Several Printing templates to fit your operational style. You define what the program prints for your client’s copy vs the copy for CRA or your own copy of the return.
  • Unlimited number of returns printed in unattended batch mode.
  • Single mouse click prints all ‘ready to print returns’.


  • Most features are customizable to fit your needs and taste.
  • Default parameters to save keystrokes (Province, City, etc.).
  • Window presentation modes.
  • Several operational options

Effortless Internet Filing

  • Transmission file creation with a single keystroke, for all ‘Ready for Efile’ returns
  • Automatic status of EFiled returns (rejected, accepted, error codes) and reports