Tax Research (TR) Engine

Sample view of TR:

VisualTax has placed personal and corporate tax research at your fingertips with more than 4,000 searchable documents…

You can now effortlessly cover your tax research needs via the web and directly from the official government releases of:

  • Interpretation Bulletins
  • Information Circulars
  • Income Tax Regulations
  • Advance Income Tax Rulings
  • Income Tax Technical News
  • Income Tax Act
  • Advanced research based on topical index
  • T1 Line-by-Line
  • T2 Line-by-Line
  • All CRA forms
  • All CRA Tax Guides and Pamphlets
  • Glossary

The web-based search is powered by a VisualTax proprietary database and search engine and is activated via context sensitive links right from the VisualTax T1 and T2 software.

Search method:

a. Global Search: Enter a keyword such as Capital Gains, GIFI, Line 104, Rates, GIFI, IT102, IC71, T2124, etc.

b. Via the Topical Index click any of the topics shown.

All a keystroke away, to save you valuable time and money...

Third party Tax Research Services

There are several third party tax research services available on a subscription base, ranging in price typically from $500/yr to $2,000/yr.

Some companies may offer additional material in addition to the government supplied documents.

The VisualTax search engine has also been set-up to integrate with third party tax research services, provided you buy a subscription from its vendor company. VisualTax provides you with the tools to set-up and specify your favorite on-line tax service.

The interface to the web based CICA/Knotia line-by-line service is the first service integrated with the VisualTax products.

The interface is activated via a right click on a line number or by selecting a topic from the index.

Plans are under way to integrate VisualTax with other major tax research services.