Exceptional build-in time saving features and accuracy will boost your productivity to its maximum, allowing returns of any complexity to be done in absolute minimum time and provide timely and high quality service to your clients.

- View side-by-side the current and last years forms and data
- Process concurrently any number of family members
- Family Optimization including Pension Income Splitting

Note: The Limited and Standard versions of the program may not have all the productivity features listed below.

The Power version of the T1 includes all features listed below.
See also the Comparison of the T1 versions


Audit and quality control:

  • guide you to prepare error-free returns by pointing out exact problem spots give you tips to consider optimize your client’s return or his/her family returns
  • detect what income or deductions you missed compared to the previous year
  • allow you to mark questionable items for later consultation with client or tax reviewer/advisor
  • show you a Five year summary, Business summary, Slip summary, Family summary, and Tax Summary
  • display side by side any form with any other form or any of the tax summaries for easy review.

Operations efficiency:

  • save you keystrokes to an absolute minimum using predictive typing and Dittos ("). See Visual Super entery below.
  • provide smart links to related forms and shortcuts for forms
  • protect you from entering erroneous data
  • protect you from changing Efiled accepted returns
  • remind you of the need for data backup
  • remind you of what returns are coming due
  • protect you from changing finalized invoices
  • allow you to see last year’s invoice in full as well as any other form side by side!

Forms management:

  • help you pre-select all forms needed before starting, based on the taxpayer’s profile (Student, Pensioner, etc.)
  • display side-by-side the previous year’s forms and data on wide monitors.
  • prepare the T1 Adjustment automatically
  • highlight what forms have been used
  • help you find a form by name, some keyword, by direct keyboard access keys, by links from another form or directly from the Tax Summary (T-Sum) or the Family Summary (F-Sum)

Client Data Files:

  • analyze the profiles of your clients and give you valuable statistics for marketing or business analysis
  • copy the data to take with you out of the office
  • optionally protect the data via return passwords
  • backup the data and manage several back up versions
  • filter clients in many ways
  • find a client by simple click, by SIN, by phone, by street, by city, by preparation status, by Efile status and more
  • produce client listings, client letters and mail-merge user designed letters with your Logo to target specific client groups.
  • Export the client data base to other programs (such as Excel)

Help for first time user:

  • show you brief Tutorials to help you start quickly
  • show you subject help material for more knowledge
  • link you to the Tax Research (TR) material for even more in depth tax laws and regulations

Email operations:

  • Email the raw tax return data to yourself, your tax advisor, to VisualTax or other Email address of your choice
  • Email a PDF version of the printed return to any Email recipient of your choice
  • Visual Super Entry™ and Visual Super Verification™.
  • These features significantly improve you productivity and accuracy in your tax preparation engagements.

Visual Super Entry

It is designed in such a way that you may not have to type the same word again during this or the following years of tax preparation!
VisualTax memorizes all Medical expense types, Doctors, Charity Organizations, Financial Institutions, Names of individuals, etc. that YOU used in your tax practice this or the previous year. Now, every time you try to enter a description in applicable forms, VisualTax™ will ‘type ahead’ for you until there is no other hit. Usually, two to three keystrokes will hit the right description.

VisualTax™ needs about 10 seconds of training to memorize all these words used this or the previous year.
This knowledge is refreshed any time as the season progresses.
To use Super Entry click on Configure | Super Entry.
Once this is finished you can enjoy the productivity gains.

Visual Dual Display/Verification

The Super Verification feature uses the Dual Display capability of the program to allow you to see the current and last year's forms and data side-by-side.

It tells you what you reported this year vs what you reported the previous year, for the same slips, statements or credits and it highlights the differences. It is effective only if you used VisualTax the previous year.

This feature is readily available by clicking 'Show last year's data' on the right hand panel