Business Longevity is not accidental.

Switch your Tax Software to VT this year, and max your productivity and savings with the most price-friendly professional tax software.

- No charge for additional users!

- No charge for our unique 'Standard' vtCloud Hybrid option and e-Signatures!

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30 years

Visualtax - Professional Tax Software in Canada

All the pieces you need in one place
with a stunning 'All-In-One' program architecture

The Multi-App and Multi-Year VT 'All-In-One' architecture allows completion of all types of tax returns, for any tax year, just from a single shortcut on your desktop.

All-In-One' program architecture

cut in half, name your price

Switch to VT this year and pay HALF the competitor's price.

This is our biggest sale for newcomers to VisualTax. And it does not happen every year...

Order before December 17, 2023 and you will get one of the top professional tax software that pioneered unique features for handling Covid-19 realities such as automatic signatures, as well as several other tax preparation aspects described on this page.

Furthermore, the year-to-year regular VisualTax prices are the lowest among the professional tax vendors by a big margin, and its featured-packed software has outjumped the competition in the last few years.

We like you to try VisualTax with this offer and you will not be disappointed...

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New this tax season

  1. vtSalDiv: Salary or Dividend? Delight your Corporate clients with a comprehensive analysis to weigh tax payble vs cash flow needs. Exclusive Visualtax feature
  2. vtCourier: Send tax or other sensitive information to your clients with military grade security encryption and comply with the PIPEDA legislation to protect the privacy of your client's data
  3. VirtualOfficeTower: Meet and interact with your clients in your own Virtual Tax Office
  4. vtSignatures: Extended for the 2023 tax season
  5. Legislative changes and program enhancements: (to be announced later this year)

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All-In-One' program architecture

Pay yourself: Salary or Dividends?

Weigh your options: VisualTax is the only tax software that can give you the answer. And you can literally get the answer instantly, as opposed to hours of your own time.

Delight and impress your clients with a professional and comprehensive analysis of Salary vs Dividend remuneration of the business owner or owners, employees or not:

  • Unique and valuable VisualTax feature for your year-end corporate and personal tax planning
  • See at a glance the impact of your option on the cash flow and taxes payable of both the corporation and its owners
  • One keystroke to concurrently analyze the Corporation’s tax situation and the personal tax situation of several owners at the same time.

The analysis is based on real corporate tax data and individual personal tax circumstances of its owners . No guessing, No maybes, No approximations, No marginal tax rates, No averages, but real data of T2 and T1 practically ready to be filed.

Does it sound magic? Yes, but it is real…

All-In-One' program architecture

cut in half, name your price

Send Secure Email and attachments of sensitive information, and comply with the PIPEDA legislation. It uses military grade encryption.

Tax Preparation professionals must comply with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). This legislation started on January 1, 2004, and PIPADA applies to Tax Preparation offices that are handling confidential personal and tax information.

Covid-19 has introduced additional challenges as Tax Service Providers try to avoid face to face meetings, manual handouts of such documents and physical drop-off boxes.

Document examples are: Copies of Tax Returns, T183, AuthRep, Consent forms, Signatures and any other document attachment with confidential data, such as client provided info and receipts of business/rental expenses related to their tax returns.
vtCourier is the latest technological tool that addresses the PIPEDA act. Specifically, vtCourier allows the delivery, receipt and storage of confidential documents by applying military / bank grade encryption of Email messages and attachments.

NOTE: Some competitors are asking you to use third party secure Email software, priced at $300/year and up, depending on volume.

cut in half, name your price

The VirtualOfficeTower (TM) was built for Tax Preparers and Tax Payers who:

  • value their time
  • value the privacy of the tax information
  • want to fight the pandemic

  • You can now meet and interact with your clients in your own suite of the Virtual Tax Office tower!

    COVID-19 has changed the landscape of the Tax Preparation business and Tax Preparers need well-thought alternatives to fight the pandemic, provide fast service to their clients and also Save time and money.
    VisualTax has pioneered the evolution of the Tax Preparation business by introducing the ‘Virtual Tax Office’. It is a collection of technological innovations that aim at reducing the need for the physical person-to-person meetings, while maintaining a military grade security and privacy of the tax payer’s tax records and documents.

    Note The opening of the VirtualOfficeTower for tax preparers was celebrated on Dec 17, 2020. The opening for Tax Payers will be celebrated at the end of January 2021.
    Tax Preparers: Please click the 'Keep me Informed' button below to indicate your interest in reserving your cyber suite in the VirtualOffice tower.

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    Tax Preparer toolbox

    Tax Preparer toolbox to stop the spreading of COVID-19.
    It includes the FREE vtSignature Electronic Signature feature that could save you hundreds or thousands, year after year...

    The vtSignature automatically signs all applicable forms of the tax return!

    Visualtax did its part to help tax preparers avoid face to face client interviews with a comprehensive set of tools such as:

    • Tools to do 'mass' Emails or 'mass' post-office mailings to your clients
    • Automatic electronic signature on T183 and other T1 and T2 forms on which CRA requires them i.e. T183, AuthRep, Consent, T2091, T1134, T1135, T106, T183CP, RC71, RC72 and T1032 (Pension Splitting with signatures of both spouses)!.
    • Tools and suggestions on how to create e-Signatures (Electronic Signatures)
    • Option to partially hide the full SIN on the T183 and other printouts for better privacy via Emails or other transmission
    • Tools to retain the electronic signatures in the event CRA allows them to be used permanently
    • VT added its own method of electronic signatures in addition to third party signature companies.
    • The vtSignature method of Electronic Signatures is FREE. Compared with third party e-Signature service companies, VisualTax will save you from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars PER YEAR,, depending on the number of tax returns you Efile, the number of users, and the number of pages per return to be electronically signed.
    • We had the option to accept commissions from third party e-signature vendors but we declined it!... All we had to do was to recommend their products to our clients. But we decided not to take advantage of this pandemic opportunity and we developed our own e-Signature facility and gave it FREE to our clients. And it is evidently better, as it auto-signs all applicable forms of the tax return.
      All in line with our philosophy that our "client bottom line comes first".

    The above is available to all users of the T1 and T2 Power versions.


    vt-Cloud, the unique Hybrid version of VisualTax, is included in vt-2019 and beyond and it provides the full CRA Tax Filing Software in Canada.

    vt-Cloud is a modern and efficient Internet-based way to serve your tax clients from any place: Your office, your home, your client's place, your hotel, your coffee shop, your vacation spot... It allows mobility and also raises the level of your client service.

    The vt-Cloud option is offered in two versions: Standard and Power version. The Standard version is included in the VT-2019 program currently free of charge, and it needs a Windows workstation or laptop computer. The Power version could run on any operating system, including tablets of reasonable size and no program download or installation is required. The Power version needs a paid subscription and a separate program key. It can be ordered now.

    Best in Privacy and Security. Here is some food for thought when you are searching for cloud-based tax returns:
    vt-Cloud does not store your tax return data in web servers that we 'as tax software developers' own, and programmatically control and know the encryption algorithms. If we did that, your data privacy and security could be compromised. Instead, your tax returns are stored in public, non-developer-controlled web servers, and you are the only one knowing the passwords to connect to the data servers and your tax return data.

    Best in Price...
    - The 'Standard vtCloud Version' is free, sorry we cannot go lower than that!
    - The 'Power vtCloud version' has zero set-up fees, and a very low yearly cost.
    It does not require you to purchase any Virtual Private Server (VPS) to host your programs and data. VPS is actually a remote computer service and it involves high technical setup and ongoing support fees, plus VPS server fees of about $1,000/year or more, plus other charges depending on usage... Furthermore, with VPS you may need to disclose password credentials to your remote employees and also do program downloads as required.
    The Power version of the vtCloud bypasses all these costs and inconveniences, and makes you as mobile and productive as you can be, even with a low powered Windows based laptop.

    Main features:

    • With the Power version of the vt-Cloud, No program download is required and it is always up-to date. Users only need internet connection as both program and data are on the cloud.
    • vt-Cloud is not a separate product, but an 'add on' hybrid option to your existing VT program/subscription
    • Returns prepared on your Desktop can be accessed with vt-Cloud and vice-versa
    • Visualtax is the only company that offers ALL its current professional tax products in dual/hybrid mode, Internet and Desktop (T1, T2, T3, T4T4A, TF, FP, TR)
    • No training is required to run the program from your desktop or from the cloud, as they both employ the same fast and user friendly interface and links.
    • Multi-office companies can now share tax returns across geographically dispersed offices
    • Users can store tax return data on their local machine, in the vt-Cloud or both!
    • It can be used as a Canadian Personal Income Tax Software or Business Tax Software in Canada
    • Users can Efile returns to CRA and/or Print tax returns in their local printer
    • All tax returns are stored in Encrypted format

    Thanks to our bright, young software engineers, VisualTax has been raised to a enviable new position on the Internet cloud and the marketplace...

    Please click the 'Keep me informed' button, if you need to know how to run the Standard version or you would like to order the vtCloud Power version.

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    Client pie charts at your fingertips for your marketing or operational considerations, such as:

    • Age brackets of your clients
    • Marital status of your clients
    • Completion status of your tax returns

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    Client pie chart

    Good things come in small packages

    60 MB vs 1,500 MB
    Save time and money with the short VT download time of less than a minute. A highly optimized 'All-In-One' program with download size of about 60MB (megabytes) makes VT the smallest footprint in the market. Similar programs in the market can be very bulky, with sizes as high as 1,500 MB, that can penalize you with high Internet download charges, in addition to your time. It provides the full CRA online tax software in Canada.

    Business Longevity is not accidental.

    Over our 30 years of uninterrupted service, we demonstrated strong commitment to supporting the business success of our clients and earned their trust. We provided them with the best Efile income tax software in Canada, but also the best tools, not only to do tax returns of any complexity effortlessly and efficiently, but also developed useful tools to monitor and grow THEIR business and contribute to their longevity as well. Couple the above with our excellent service, support, and price and longevity is easily explained.

    Excellent price for the busy professional tax office

    T1 + T2 + TR = $818 for 8 concurrent office users!
    Appetizer: One full featured T2: $75

    For a full-priced menu, see the Order page.

    VisualTax (VT) offers the most price-friendly professional Tax Software. There is no charge for additional users such as employees, secretaries, subcontractors, etc. as long as they are preparing tax returns for your account.

    The price includes:

    • Not just tax calculators, but also business marketing tools and administration tools such as client profile analysis, client birthdate greetings, Mailing Labels, pre-designed and/or user-designed client letters, and client communications with personalized mass Emails
    • Client pie charts by Age brackets or Marital Status
    • Several client billing methods and reports
    • Audit Trail of Efile operations such as what you sent and what you received
    • Quick search and find clients by Name acronyms, Postal code or Sin or Street
    • Quick data back-up even for thousands of returns
    • Program and tax return passwords
    • PDF printout and email facilities
    • Multi-user server support
    • Cloud data server support
    • Classic and Ribbon user interface
    • Export data to Excel, etc.

    Compare apples to apples

    This year's crop vs last year's crop.
    See exactly what you did last year vs this year. This unique and powerful VT feature allows you to see this year's data and last year's data side by side, form by form. The two forms scroll together and they highlight the differences right on the form itself! Example: You can see the 2017 and 2018 business statement (T2125) side by side and all differences highlighted. If you open another form, such as Schedule 1, or T4 slip, or any other form, the display is automatically adjusted, with no effort by you.

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    Go green, go paperless, go vtScan.

    Replacing shoe boxes...
    VT offers by design all the tax software for the paperless professional tax office. The VtScan facility, the PDF capture of tax return printouts, and the Client document management facilities of the program provide an effective way to retain digital copies and replace any paper copies of slips, business expense records, contracts and other documents. Any future need to review such documents is as easy and quick as opening the tax return that links the return to all such documents. VtScan works only on TWAIN compatible scanners. Please check your scanner specs or its manufacturer. Combine vtScan with the Electronic Services supported by CRA and VisualTax, and shoe boxes may become obsolete...

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    Go digital with VT, offering the best CRA tax return software in Canada and ALL the other Electronic Services supported by CRA.


    • T1 EFile
    • T7DR(A)-Barcoded Remittance Voucher (replaced Inked paper)
    • Auto-fill
    • RE-File
    • T1135-Efile
    • T1013-Efile
    • Accelerated NOA
    • Pre-authorized Debit (PAD)
    • T2203-Multiple Jurisdictions
    • CAIS farming
    • Authorize Representative (AuthRep)
    • Consent Form


    • Efile
    • Re-File (amend a return)
    • Auto-Fill: Retrieve online Corporate data from CRA
    • CBCR: Country-by-Country Report for Multi-national Enterprises (MNE)
    • Attach-A-Doc: Submit documents to CRA online
    • RC59 Efile: Business Consent form
    • RC59X Efile: Cancellation of Business Consent form
    • T1134 and multiple T1134 supplements Efile: Information Return for Foreign Affiliates
    • T106 and Multiple Slips Efile: Information Return of Non-arms transactions with Non-Residents
    • Authorize Representative (AuthRep)
    • Consent Form

    Cross-Application and Cross-Return synchronization saves you precious time.

    Thanks to its unique architecture, VT can offer the most seamless data exchange between tax modules.

    Cross-App example:
    Data exchange between T1 and T4 applications: Assume you prepared the T4 slips for the employees of an Employer, but you also want to prepare the T1 tax return for one or more of his employees. All you have to do now is open an empty T4 slip in T1, click the ‘Import from the T4 tax module’ button and the T4 slip is instantly populated. Just one click saved you more than 100 keystrokes per employee without any special set-up!

    Cross-Return example:
    Data exchange between T2 Related and Associated corporations: Suppose you have ten of them on Schedule 9. In VT you only prepare one of them in detail and the program automatically shares the information with the rest of them. Just one click per return, would save you 1,000 keystrokes for the ten returns without any additional set-up!

    Useful and time-saving features.


    Family Coupling and optimization, Automatic creation of the spouse's return, Copy and paste form data between returns or same return, Multiple tax returns of any type concurrently loaded, each return coloured differently, one click switching between tax returns, Multiple slips and Statements, Predictive typing to save keystrokes, Ditto (") repeat from previous lines, Quick find of forms and easy navigation, Quick find of clients via the Client Data Base, Keyboard shortcuts for many functions and forms, and more...

    As a CRA online tax software, it provides full implementation of all electronic services allowed by CRA for both T1 and T2

    User interface options Configuration: VisualTax Classic vs modern Ribbon Interface


    Built-in data auditor detecting and pointing errors or omissions for an error-free tax return, as well as tips to consider. Side by side comparison of all current and prior year forms and highlight of differences. Support for wide monitors with concurrent display of any two forms, both refreshed instantly. Any user change on the tax return, is instantly and automatically refreshing the concurrently displayed summary.


    VisualTax can easily handle tax returns of the highest complexity.
    Multiple statements, Multiple slips, Multiple jurisdictions in T1 and T2, Non-resident returns, NR-Section 216, NR-Section 217, Bankruptcy returns, Deceased taxpayers, Discounted returns, Foreign tax credits, Investment tax credits, CAIS Farming, etc.


    Several tax summaries and comparison summaries include Tax summary, Slip Summary, Family Summary, Self-employment summaries as well as 2 year and 5 year comparison summaries as well as side by side display of any slip or any form or any of the Tax Summaries, or Auto-fill data, Or vtScanned Client Documents.


    Client Data Base Analyzer: analyze the profiles of your clients and give you valuable statistics for marketing or business analysis, Customizable Client letters, Client birth date greetings, client Mass Emailing


    Password protected program and tax returns and encrypted data for more safety when transferring files.


    Switching from other tax software is easy and fast with functions built into the program. Such conversions are available from Cantax, Profile and TaxCycle


    - Tax Research module
    - User-to-user forum
    - FREE year round support
    - Useful Links

    Search less and Find more with TR.

    VisualTax™ Tax Research module (TR) places personal and corporate tax research at your fingertips with over 4,000 searchable documents.

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    Take it for a test drive.

    Our demo programs allow you to calculate actual tax returns and get a feel for the software.

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