VisualTax Testimonials

99% of our users: 'fully satisfied'

Based on the feedback we compiled from users who switched to VisualTax™, 99% are fully satisfied with the decision!

We thank all users who took the time to respond to our questionnaire and also for their constructive feedback.

We do take all suggestions seriously and when feasible we do implement them with our first opportunity...

Testimonials from current users...

An interesting observation sent to us by Email!

I received an offer from a new software company the other day from a fellow named Peters for tax prep, but these guys develop software then sell it off and so on. They started out with Can Tax, then developed Profile, and now this new one. You have stayed true to your product and to us, your software users. My point is that I like you guys, your products are very good, prices very good and I am staying with you. Just wanted you to know that. Signed: S.G. BC

As posted in the T1 VisualTax Forum:

As a happy Profile user for the past number of years I was a bit reluctant to switch to visualTax. I thought that at the price it was a dumbed down version of the other software. Was I ever wrong!
I have been very happy with the VT software and I would like to echo the other respondents that the Forum was extremely helpful. Kudos to Fred who has a way with words to point us in the right direction. Even when his comments are terse, I believe we get the message.

As posted in the T2 VisualTax Forum:

As a (former T2) Profile user I agree with both Dave and Fred. I have also used Cantax and now trying DR TAX and purchased VT, it beats all others hands down, it even pointed out a few errors in my Profile (which it seems Profile didn't) DR TAX you would have to be HOUDINI to understand it and use it. ALL I CAN SAY AT THIS POINT IT'S A GREAT SOFTWARE! The price is a BONUS!!!


I use Cantax at the firm where I'm presently working, and it takes me about 50% longer to complete, check and print a T1 using Cantax vs VisualTax.




A few testimonials from users in past years...

We are very pleased with your programs and quick support you have provided to us during the tax season.

... Your service has been just excellent, prompt - no waiting or being advised to press or be told the call is important... The only suggestion for enhancement that I have would be a running count of the number of returns completed and in process. That may even be in there somewhere but so far I have not found it! Anyway, I plan to continue with you as long as I am processing tax returns.
J. S. ON

Thank you for providing a reliable product at a reasonable price. I have used the T1 software for four years now. It does everything that I require and is easy to use. I particularly appreciate the prompt and accurate email responses to questions which arise from time to time....

I had the best experience with any tax software provider this 2004 tax year, and that was with VisualTax.
I have used you guys for a couple of years now and I am a customer for life.
I did run into a few minor snags, but I emailed, and had resolutions the same day, and that was a Saturday both times I might add. I find the software easy to navigate and the Audit feature works fabulously.
Thanks for offering such a great and yet affordable product. Please do the same in 2005!
Much appreciated, I would recommend you any day.


I did enjoy using Visualtax as always. One thing that may help all users is to provide a button...


I found the T2 program easy to use and very user friendly. I would certainly recommend it to colleagues.

Having used Taxbyte, Cantax and Profile, we find your state-of-the art programs to be exceptional value.

The T1 and T2 programs are easy to use and fully compatible for E-file to CRA. My tax season ran smoothly with your products and I look forward to our continued relationship in the coming years. Thank you for your quick response to my few questions. The only suggestion I have is to include a default efile letter for your T2 software.

I used Cantax exclusively until 2003, when I began using Visualtax T1 (for the price). In 2004 I used the power version of Visualtax ... and haven't looked back. The support is excellent (I encountered a problem in the T1 with the Overseas Employment Tax Credit, fairly complex stuff, and the Visualtax people analyzed the problem and issued a patch within 48 hours). My emails have been promptly answered and add-on services have been very good)...

Yes, I had a very profitable tax season. The Visual Tax software is a great program. Everything went very well, and I will certainly be purchasing VisualTax again next year. I have been purchasing it for quite a few years, and just love it.

...The current version of the T1 program is the best yet...


Your T1 program is great. Suggestions: 1. Can you make it easier to turn off the "prepared by info" in the...


We had a very successful tax season, as always visualtax made it better.
J. S. ON

I really like everything this year. Thank you. I do have one suggestion however. This refers to the T2124 and using partners....


Thanks for producing a great product. Just a simple suggestion. There are a few places in the program such as when entering tax installments...


... thank you for the minor changes that you made that sped up the processing of the T1’s. The best ones were the memo fields in the RRSP schedule remembering the financial institution names and the medical descriptions and the donations.


... Thank you very much, for excellent tax program. (I think is superior to Cantax)...

I have the GIFI listed in the print set but it does not print. What am I doing wrong? I can print it separately of course from the GIFI screens so it is not a big problem. Now that I am getting used to the program I quite like it better than CanTax


...I used only Taxbyte & Cantax and yours is miles ahead both of them...

S.H, Ontario

...I have used Taxbyte, Profile and Cantax and I must say Visual Tax is the easiest and most accurate. Also, I appreciate your competitive pricing..


"... thanking you for your excellent service and quick responses to our questions, during this busy time. I would also like to express our overall satisfaction with the Visual Tax products. This has been a refreshing change from our previous software, which although possessing more “bells and whistles”, often caused computer crashes...."