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We offer two families of products:

VisualTax™ family of products and VisualFP™ family of products

In addition, each specific product may be offered in different versions to satisfy the functional needs and software budgets of different users. Prices are available in the Price/Order page.

To select the right software and version we recommend that you first review the product i.e. click below on Visual T1 then click on T1 Feature Matrix.


Visual T1 - Personal tax return preparation
Visual T2 - Corporate tax return preparation
Visual T3 and Forms - Trust return plus Charity, Partnership and others
Visual T-Force - T4/T4A/T5 return preparation
VisualTax TR - Tax Research Engine


VisualFP - Standard - For professional Financial Planners
VisualFP - Agent - For investment agents of Mutual Funds (contact us for more details)
VisualFP - Dealer - For Mutual Funds Dealers (contact us for more details)

All products are based on the same architecture that relies on a common set of core technology components.

There is a seamless link between VisualT1 and VisualFP

Support & Services

Free VisualTax™ Products Support:

VisualTax™ provides free product support with purchase of any VisualTax™ software. Product support by phone, internet, e-mail, and fax is provided during normal business hours between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM Eastern Time (Canada & U.S.). During the prime tax season (February, March and April) support is provided 7 days a week 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM Eastern Time (Canada & U.S.).

VisualTax™ Software Training Service:

Training courses are offered upon request either at client site or at our training facilities in Toronto, Ontario.

VisualTax™ Software Customization Service:

VisualTax™ software products are designed to meet virtually all needs of professional tax practices. However, the product can be customized to meet specialized needs. For example, VisualTax™ can be customized to operate in a geographically dispersed multi-office environment requiring inter-office communications and centralized management.

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