2016/2017 Tax season Nov 1, 2016

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System Requirements:
MS Windows:
Win 7,8,10, NT/2000
Recommended minimum:
2 GB RAM, 2.5 GHz, 4 Meg Laser

Product highlights: Single program to download: VT-2016. It includes T1, T2, TF, TForce, FP and vtScan as stated below.
Products and updates can be downloaded from our web site. To receive the initial CD please add CD charges of $20 per product. The programs support all provinces except Quebec.
T1-Standard: Unlimited T1 returns, single user, Efile On-line one at a time, SEND, No network. Client returns saved on C or D drive only
T1-Power: All ‘T1 Standard’ features plus Efile On-line Plus, Super Audit, Super Entry, Network support, Promotional letters, Database analysis, Planner, Advanced optimizations, Daily Cash reports, Tax Research module (TR), etc.
T1-Multi-office: Suitable for remote/franchise offices centrally administered. Price stated is for each office.
T2 Fiscal periods: Fiscal periods starting Jan 1, 2014 and ending up to Oct 31, 2017. All versions provide Fed/Alb Efile, except T2 Standard.
T2 Limited: Limited to 2 or 4 tax returns for different tax years and/or different corporations.
T2-Power: Unlimited returns with Efile. T2-Standard: Unlimited returns without Efile.
TR-Tax Research: Web based TR module subscription for one year – FREE to users of T1 Power and/or T2 Power

ONLINE ORDER SUBMISSION: Select products by checking the box next to the product name. If you are purchasing the T1 Power or T1-multi-office, you can SAVE by selecting the products from the Bundle Section. Click "Continue" after selecting the Payment Method and fully completing the Licensee Name and Address data.

SINGLE packages (If you are purchasing the T1 Power plus another product, please use the Bundle Packages section)

Product T1 Limited to 50 returns Unlimited T1 returns with Efile CD optional Total
T2-2017 T2 Limited-2 T2 Limited-4 Unlimited T2 returns
(T3 plus Forms)
It includes: Full preparation of: Trust Returns (T3), Partnership (T5013), Pension, Charity (T3010), T5018, NPO returns, and other forms
Includes unlimited slips and summaries of T4/T4A/T5
Archives Prior years programs: T1 from 2002-2015 and T2 from 2002- 2014
vtSCAN Scan and manage client documents electronically N/A
Total (A):

BUNDLE packages (Tax Suites) - Unlimited returns.
If you buy T1 Power or T1 Multi-Office you can add additional products at reduced prices
Circle the price on each item (column) you need and add them up into the Total B. Example: T1 Power ($379)+ T2 Power ($399)=Total $778
T1 + TR Power T1 + TR Multi-Office T2 Power T2 Standard TF Power TF Standard T-Force Power T-Force Standard FP Power FP Standard T1/T2 Archives CD’s Total (B)
Total A+B

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