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The descriptions below, apply primarily to the VisualFP - Standard.

The Agent version and Dealer versions are extension of the Standard version for use by agents and dealers of Mutual Funds. Please contact us for details or demonstration of the Agent and Dealer versions.

Why Financial Planning?

The ‘Visual Financial Planner’ software prepares you to meet the upcoming challenges...

As our world continues to change, so will the professions.

The times of ‘just tax preparation’ may be over. Your clients expect well informed guidance in their overall tax and long term financial strategy from professionals like you with questions such as:

The unique tools

The above is a small sample of questions that eventually have to be answered. Are you in the position to satisfy your clients?

The Visual Financial Planner is designed just for that purpose. Seamlessly linked to your Visual T1 clients it can even identify your clients that need this service.

Our Visual FP adopted a financial planning model which follows the steps defined by the Canadian Institute of Financial Planners (CIFP) and has been evolved, refined and field proved in manual mode for thousands of Canadians over the last fifteen years.


The Financial Planner program includes several modules to help you develop and maintain Financial Plans for your clients, perform Tax Planning and maintain Investment Portfolios.

Several charts by year or age provide a visual picture of the financial position of your client and year by year balances of investments.

The program is seamlessly linked to the VisualT1 program making the preparation of the financial plan an effortless task.

The program is part of an integrated series of Tax, Financial Planning and Investment Management software under the overall umbrella name of 'Visual Networth'. The full investment management part of the program is geared primarily to agents and brokers of Mutual Funds and is not included as part of this program.

Specifically the program will help you determine and document the following for your client:

Additional features and worksheets are provided by the program such as:

The above helps you analyze and document the following:

From simple "know your client" to advanced Financial Planning engagements

The program is designed to allow the user to satisfy the "know your client rule" set down by the Ontario Securities Commission for those clients investing small amounts such as their first RRSP investment and also to take you through the process of preparing a sophisticated financial plan for the average consumer. The average consumer is envisaged as a person who earns an annual income typically ranging from $25,000 to $250,000 per year or even higher.

The "know your client" rule is satisfied by completing the following:

A sophisticated financial plan assesses the clients current situation, reviews his objectives, identifies problems related thereto, recommends logical solutions to the problems, provides a program for the implementation of the logical solutions and periodic reviews to compare the actual results with the original financial plan.

The sophisticated financial plan is prepared by completing all schedules and subsidiary schedules in the order in which they appear on the tool belt which is displayed by the program when a plan in being prepared.

A Typical full plan printouts include:

System requirements

MS Windows: Win 7,8,10, NT/2000. Recommended minimum: 2 GB RAM, 2.5 GHz, 4 Meg Laserm 2 MB (preferably 4 MB and up)


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