Buy a Bundle and Save a bundle!


When you buy T1 Power you are eligible to purchase other products at reduced prices!

To arrive at the price of your bundle see the Bundle Packages section of the Order Form. i.e. the first Bundle is (T1 at $379) + (T2 at $399) = $778.


T1 Power + T2 Power + TR = $778

This is by far our most popular bundle and the above arithmetic is correct!

There is no additional charge for up to 8 users. See also License Agreement

INCLUDED in this bundle:

- Unlimited T1 and T2 returns both with Efile, Network enabled for up to 8 users per office, Tax Research (TR) module, Data Conversion from other tax software, Optimizations, Free year-round support, VisualTax user community forum, Automatic updates, Full tax coverage and Money back guarantee

· Client Data Base Manager with Invoicing and tracking, Mass Emailing to stay in touch with your clients, Mailing labels, User configurable letters for different subjects, Client Documents management via vtScan (optional) and Client Data Base Analyser and filtering based on any tax data.

· Extensive diagnostics with instant detection/highlighting of errors for problem-free filing, Memo and Review marks per form/field,

· T1 Family coupling, Auto T1-Adj, T1013 re-usable template, Bankrupt and non-resident returns, Multiple jurisdictions in both T1 and T2, T2 Associated Corporations and SR@ED coverage

· Speedy data entry with Predictive/Auto complete data fields, ditto repeat, finding forms with keywords and searching for T2 GIFI codes with keywords.

. Multiple Summaries: Tax Summary, Family Summary, Slips Summary, Provincial Summary, 2 and 5 year tax payer's summaries, 5 year Comparative Business Summaries for T2125, T2042, CAIS(T1273/T1163), T2121, T776

VisualTax TR (Tax Research module) (TR)

Read more about TR...


When you purchase this bundle, you also qualify for T3, TF, T4/T4A/T5 and FP product discounts as shown in the Bundle Packages section of the Price List.
All with amazing ease and productivity! 
Compare the above with other commercial offerings that can run (without TR) from $1,679 to $3,810


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