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Below are some representative prices in the market place as listed by the tax software vendors in their corresponding web sites as of Oct 25, 2013:
(Please verify prices with the vendor's websites)

Comparable Products





T1 Limited to 50 returns with Efile

$169 $405 N/A N/A

T1 with Efile Multi-User Unlimited returns

$379 Power
with Free TR*
$540 T1 Plus with Efile
(without TR*)
$890 Premier
(without TR*)
(without TR*)

T1 with Efile Single-User Unlimited returns

$249 Standard
(For any type of return)
N/A $470 Basic
(It does not handle certain returns and admin functions)

T2 with Corp. Internet Filing (CIF) Unlimited returns

$499 Power with CIF
with Free TR*
$1,027 T2 Plus with CIF
(without TR*)
$1,000 / 1,300 Basic / Premier
(without TR*)
(without TR*)

Bundle: T1+T2+T3+T4/T4A/T5 + other forms
Unlimited with EFile

with Free TR*
(without TR*)
$1,820 / 2,970 Basic / Premier
(without TR*)
(may include TP1?)

*TR stands for Tax Research software TR details

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