VisualTax™ Forms Navigation

VisualTax™ offers several ways to navigate forms. In fact it is one of the richest programs in terms of forms navigation.

Depending on how you work, you can choose one of the following options (or mix them).

To start with, try keys F2, F6 and F12.

1. Via the Forms Explorer

activated by pressing F2 or clicking on the icon provided. This explorer style shows 'ALL' forms available in one screen. Two clicks is the maximum needed to get to any form offered by the program. Most users use this method. The Explorer screen also highlights the forms that have been used already.

2. Via Direct Access Keys

(i.e. Alt 4 shows the first T4 slip, Alt 5 shows the first T5 slip, Ctrl 4 shows Schedule 4, Ctrl 1 shows Schedule 1, etc. See the related Help item or the user manual.

3. Via the Alphabetic List Icon (F12, AB list)

One click displays the list of the forms in alpha sequence with English descriptive names. Now either double click on a form or just type some letters such as T4. Used primarily by users who do not remember the form names.

4. Via the Interview mode

You select the forms you plan to use and then by clicking on the arrow it navigates you though all of them (forward or backward). At the end of the sequence the return is finished. Used primarily by preparers who organize/segregate the client documents/slips during the interview process.

5. Via the Tax Summary (F4, T-Sum icon)

which acts as a menu (double click on the cells). Used primarily by users who like to verify the impact of the entry during preparation.

6. Via the 'MS Windows Browser style' of the Explorer (in the Audit Wizard)

This shows ALL forms in a MS Windows browser style (expand/collapse)

7. Via the Used Forms list

The Explorer of the Audit Wizard can also show the USED FORMS for review purposes. Just Click the Explorer button of the Audit Wizard and tick the used Forms check box.

Or use the tabs spread over the current form.

(The F2 Explorer also shows the used forms in a different color).

8. Via Forms Linking

Green boxes are linked to another form. i.e. if you double click on line 101 the program displays the T4 slips. In addition, you can just press any letter over a linked form and it shows the source form.

9. Via the Audit Wizard messages

Used to get to a form that has an error. Just click on a message of the Audit Wizard

10. Via the Previous Forms icon (F7) or the Returns Swapping icon

11. Via Form names or Line numbers (F6 key)

This appears on the T1 Jacket or line numbers used for EFile. Just Click on the 'GO' icon in the 'Forms Navigation' section of the menu.

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