Easy switching from other software to VisualTax™

When you need to switch, VisualTax is your best and only real alternative!

A dozen compelling reasons to switch to VisualTax...

1. More features
2. Easy to use
3. Great productivity
4. Powerful interface
5. Half price or lower
6. Family processing and optimizations
7. Free integrated Adjusted Cost base (ACB) module
8. Free Tax Research module (TR)
9. Easy carry forward of your existing tax returns into VisualTax
10. User-to-user Forum
11. Ten times faster web downloading
12. Fast service and free support from an all Canadian company.

In the last few years, hunderds of new users are switching to VisualTax each year and 99% of them are fully satisfied with their decision! Would you like to see what they say?.. read more...

Further more, you can be assured that our tradition of quality and steady low pricing will continue in the years ahead, as it has been for the past 20 years.

VisualTax products are offered in different versions and bundled packages to cover individual needs and budgets. To choose among them please check our order form or visit www.visualtax.com/t1compare.asp for a more detailed comparison of the various versions.

This year we plan to offer again data conversion from your current software to VisualTax. The production conversion facilities normally become available beginning of February. Draft versions will be available in January.

Built-in conversion is available from Cantax (T1 and T2) And Profile (T1, T2 and T4/T4A slips)

Please contact us for conversion from other tax software.


Differences from Profile:

We compiled some basic differences of T1-2008 between VisualTax and Profile: Differences from Profile

Price comparison with other suppliers: Click here

Built-in Conversion Facilities

Profile T1

The process is called 'Rollover from Profile T1' and it can be done one return at a time (as you need them) or all returns in one pass. Below you will find a list of what is being carried forward.
This process can Rollover a family return i.e. rollover both husband and wife if you saved it last year as a family return.

Profile T2

The process is called 'Rollover from Profile T2' and it can be done one return at a time (as you need them).
Procedure: Finish off a given Year End with the Profile software and then use the VisualTax-T2 rollover process to start off the next year with all relevant c/f amounts available, including a 5 year historical comparison.

CanTax T1/T2

Conversion from CanTax (T1 and T2) will be available as a built-in program facility this year, so you can do it on your own.

TaxPrep T1/T2

Please contact us for details

T1: What is carried forward from other software

T2: What is carried forward from other software

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CanTax and TaxPrep are registered trademarks of CCH Canadian Ltd.
ProFile is a registered trademark of Intuit Inc.

VisualTax...The Best Return For Your Money.
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