VisualTax Integrated Adjusted Cost Base (ACB)
and Investment Portfolio

If you are not currently handling the Return On Capital (ROC) box of the T3 slips, VisualTax can come to the rescue.

ACB tracking, if done manually, is a very error prone and time-consuming task, so much so that preparers may not do it at all, usually at the expense of their clients.

Mindful of your productivity and quality of your service, VisualTax is the first and only tax software at this time covering such sophistication in tracking ACB changes and automatically posting the correct ACB on Schedule 3 upon disposition.

Further more, VisualTax provides you with a full ‘Investment Portfolio’ for each of your clients, covering multiple purchases and sales at different prices, re-investment of distributions and stock splits, and also provides for automatic posting to Schedule 3 upon disposition.

You can use it effectively for Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, Notes, Real Estate, and Personal Use properties and even for properties shared by spouses.

ACB and Investment portfolio is included in all VisualTax T1 versions and bundles.


VisualTax...The Best Return For Your Money.
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